What is the difference between a plain administrative staffing agency and PoliTemps?

PoliTemps seeks candidates with legislative, political, campaign, public relations, media, press, fundraising, and Washington, D.C., experience. We place these individuals with selected clients in the area. We place staff with political consultants, lobbying firms, media, associations, non-profits, government affairs, and other organizations that need our "temps with a clue."

Can I get an assignment if I'm not residing in Washington, DC, yet?

That's doubtful. We highly recommended that you establish residence in the metro D.C. area with a phone number and address before you contact us and/or send a resume. If you anticipate moving to town soon, submit a resume indicating your availability date and local phone number. Note: In most cases, potential employers will choose to contact local candidates rather than someone living out of the area.

What is the hourly range of an average office assignment pay with PoliTemps?

Most staffing agencies in the D.C. area pay between $13 to $20 an hour for admin-type assignments. PoliTemps assignments usually fall in the middle range for admin/clerical-type positions. Factors we consider are type and duties of position, professional level of temporary staff, and the budget of the organization where placed. Professional level assignments vary on a case-by-case basis.

Do you place people permanently in full-time employment?

Yes, many of our associates (temporary staff) have landed full-time jobs through us, through outright perm placement or often temp-to-perm. We've staffed permanent positions in public relations, media, polling firms, associations, non-profits, and others. Many of our assignments, however, are temporary in duration, and last from two weeks to six months.

Do I have to pay a fee to register with PoliTemps?

No. Our associates work for (are employed by) PoliTemps and are paid by PoliTemps. Any additional charges for screening and other services — overhead, Workers' Compensation insurance, Social Security, and Medicare — are passed on to our client companies.

How do I get a resume to PoliTemps for review and consideration?

We recommend that you submit it via this web site.

My skills and background are at a mid-to-senior level. Do you have temporary assignments for candidates like me?

We do have placements for professional public relations/affairs, press, media, research, fundraising, and legislative-type positions. They are usually about 10 to 20% of our overall requests by clients.

I'm interested in working with your agency, but I don’t have any political/legislative/PR/media or press work experience. Do you have suggestions?

Unfortunately, we're a niche agency that specifically recruits for these types of positions. However, we often look for entry-level staff with degrees in political science, government, mass communications, international affairs, and foreign policy backgrounds. Also, our recruiters look favorably upon internship and volunteer experience. Note: If you're interested in getting involved in politics, we always recommend that you volunteer on campaigns or get involved with issues and causes you feel strongly about.

Do you place candidates on Capitol Hill with Congressmen and Senators? Do you place candidates on political campaigns?

Sometimes. Due to an overabundance of volunteers and interns and interested qualified candidates, it is our opinion that Capitol Hill is not ready for PoliTemps. But we’re standing by!

As with Capitol Hill, campaigns have an abundance of talent. Political campaigns are usually staffed by volunteers and select professionals in media, press, fundraising, and campaign management.